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We made it!!!!


Save the Planet

This announcement comes at an important time given the recently relaunched federal plan to implement a ban on single-use plastic items over the next 18 months (known as the Single-Use Plastics Ban Regulations: Registration /SOR/2022-138 on June 20, 2022). 


Montreal, North America's number one city for festivals

Montreal has just officially kicked off its summer season with all
the festivities  
and tourists back in action. 

The challenge has begun, in only the first thirty days of summer, when:

In just 30 days, our current partners, have already filled approximately:
350 000
bottles of water 
(500ml size). 


Founder Rachel Labbe-Bellas explains that all of O'land's water stations are equipped with GPS antennas connected to their water meters to allow for near-real-time tracking of water consumption using a mobile app. She assures that this data is shared and given to each client she works with via an impact report. We want to be able to communicate the good news and encourage responsible and sustainable behavior.

We are convinced that collectively, certain actions can have a butterfly effect and generate a real and immediate impact on the environment, such as banning the use of single-use plastic bottles, one refill at a time...
we will reach 1 million this summer.
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