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Meet Francis -COO & Product Specialist 

I'm Francis de Courval. Native from Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. I really love nature and being surrounded by it. My father taught me at a young age how to protect nature and respect it. That is still something I apply every day. I also love music and enjoy conversations with creative people.

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Tell us more about yourself

I am the Chief Operation Officer at O’Land. I started as a Product Specialist and grew into C.O.O.

My role is to set goals with Rachel for the business and apply strategies to reach those goals.

I  also continue to lead the Product Development. I have been involved in the latest 3 station versions. I have developed these stations according to customer feedback and also ensured to remain avant-garde for current and future needs.

What do you like the most about working at O’land?

I like to apply my creativity at work and have a place to experiment with my innovations in new product development. O’land is also allowing me to have a direct impact on the environment by reducing single-use plastic waste.


"O’Land is not a job for me. It is my hobby and I feel good working on those projects."

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