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Why the partnership? 


“When I started this project, & knew I wanted to find uncompromising partners who would be dedicated to walk the walk with me, grow an impact-focused path.”

Rachel Labbe-Bellas, Founder of O’Land


Our disruptive Collaborators:

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They are a disruptive Foundation removing single-use plastics in the music industry!

Dreamed up and led by Vivie-Ann aka BLOND:ISH as a grassroot movement, Bye Bye Plastic is now a team of 8 eco-warriors on track to wipe out single-use plastics in the music industry.

Bye Bye Plastic has inspired thousands of DJs and event promoters to back the initiative since launching in 2018, through the #PlasticFreeParty movement and Eco Rider.


Based in Toronto (Canada) since 2019, Cupko supply reusable cups, bottles and containers to any organization who wants to make the switch from disposable ones. 

Founded by the french-canadian Quentin Crouslé who was a pioneer of the reusable cup concept in Canada since 2011, the company choose to follow a circular business model based on 2 loop and to make a real social impact in the way to consume and in the community.

We know that to build a better world, collaboration is the right wave to be surfed, with no return, it strengthens, inspires, and motivates us.

Be our collaborator, send us a message on

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