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Meet Rachel - Founder and CEO O'land

I am an active, passionate, and driven person - born and raised in Montreal with a decade of environmental work and studying abroad - soaking in the world’s best things such as nature, culture, languages and adventure.

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Tell us more about what you do

I studied into my mid 20’s to become a Marine Biologist, but then I saw something I could not unsee: plastic pollution. This led me to my activist career and work in fundraising for ocean conservation and plastic waste reduction with non-profits in the US. This also was my fire to create and launch O’land as an actual physical thing that could help reduce the pain of environmental harm that changed my life. Since founding O'land in 2019, I am the CEO and am operating out of  Montreal. I also work part-time with the oldest and largest non-profit fighting plastic pollution - The 5 Gyres Institute.

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What do you like the most about working at O’land?

The innovation, our small and bright team, and the ability to adapt quickly to change. Finally to both satisfy our customers' needs and grow our vision of truly eliminating single-use plastics, starting with drinking water bottles. I believe more companies like O’land need to exist so that we can transition to a more circular economy with both sustainable and profitable solutions.

"I once researched sharks to protect their underwater seamount washing stations where little fish would come and clean off their parasites. Now funny enough, I design and sell stations to humans on land."

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