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Marketing Coordinator

Hi, I'm Maria, a Brazilian, nature lover, and marketing expert. My dream is to be able to work in a place where I can see that my work impacts our Planet more positively and this is my current reality working for O'land. 

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What do you do?

I'm the marketing coordinator at O’Land. I started as a social media manager and took on a larger role as Marketing Manager. Identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to our business challenges motivates and drives me.Through real-life projects, voluntary opportunities, and personal projects I gained skills and expertise in various marketing disciplines. Currently finishing my business degree in Management. Speaks advanced English, andbeginner Spanish and French. Working in sustainability issues for 2 years.


What do you like the most about working at O’land?

Working for O'land gives me the certainty that I am doing more, not only for myself, but for my love for the planet. Also, working with O'land makes me feel valued and supported in a really empowering way.

"Every time I return home, I look into the mountains, feel the breeze coming down from the valley and look into the river thinking about how much longer this place will remain as we know it, for how much longer I'll see this river running. I'd like the answer to be, for a long time, but with every day that statement feels more uncertain. This gives me the strength to continue our mission at O'land. and try send a message: the impact we have caused until now must be reversed TODAY.''

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