our future (and our planet's future) is dependent on companies redefining their values. Sustainability is important for all of us.


"A Local and Circular Business Model, customizable and reusable."


Why do we have the perfect match?

O’Land & Bye Bye Plastic organically came together out of their shared observations & goals: both teams made their mission to eliminate single-use plastics at large. Both are committed to efficiently provide events & attendees with quality drinking water instead of a high-priced, plastic-filled & health-hazardous one.

Plastics over-production needs everyone’s input in order to fade out ; this starts at the doorsteps of your event!


Together, O’Land & Bye Bye Plastic are empowering you to set that example of success. For you attendees, your community, and for future generations alike.

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They are partners of Cupko an it matters a lot: