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of attendees choose to refill

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download the report here
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O'land uses a near-real time tracking app to record water consumption from  each station


With 10% of Live Nation's global audience (2022) 
O'land x Live Nation Water Network will reduce

1) 22,968 Tons of CO2 equivalent *
2) 1.72 million single-use plastic bottles ** 

Help Green Nation reach sustainability goals:

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Real data
that matters

O'land just reached a milestone of 1 million bottles refilled & saved

With Live Nation, we aim to reduce by 2026:

single-use plastic bottles &  the associated carbon emissions 


Traveler in Nature

We have the potencial to

Reduce 160,838,300
Tons of C02 per year

Using O'land's 70% average refill rate 

With the current average carbon cost at $30 per metric ton of CO2, it underscores the considerable environmental and financial impact, amounting to $4.8M usd.

In addition, carbon offset prices may increase up to 3,000% by 2029 under stricter regulations.
This underscores the urgency of our mission and the need for adaptability in our sustainability approach.

Summer Festival

Empowering the Earth


Live Nation Environmental Sustainability Charter

Help reach 5 UN 2030 SDG targets 

A Message from our FOUNDER

Rachel Labbe-Bellas

  • LinkedIn

Dear Live Nation Team,

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for our partnership at our pilot project Farm Aid. Our water refill stations were a game-changer, making the festival more sustainable and eco-conscious. This collaboration demonstrated how music and sustainability can go hand in hand.


Your professionalism and commitment to sustainability are essential and I look forward to achieving this fantastic impact to empower the earth with you and 30 O'land Stations.


*Calculations were done using 12.1 million people (10%) x  0.7 (avg. refill ratio from Live Nation pilot) x QTY 30 water stations x  0.082kg of C02 of plastic = 20,836,200 kg of C02 =22,967 TONS of C02

**C02 amount to produce, transport & dispose of 1 (16 oz.) single-use plastic  bottle = 0.0828 kg  C02 (Source:

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