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1M Refill Challenge - Oh, what a year (summer) it was!

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Major clients, a post-pandemic boom, major testament to how much O'land can impact the planet and it's community. Hi, I'm Rachel Labbe-Bellas, O'lands founder and I am writing to share nothing but gratitude and respect for our partners (both small and large) who have contributed to O'land's vision of creating a world without single-use plastic waste. We launched a Challenge at the start of our local city's festival season to build a sense of collective responsibility to promote reuse and refill and help us transition towards a more circular economy. We are over the moon with the results...

We have served, with only our tiny fleet of 2 inventory for rent, + the units we sold to major event venues and organizers, over 50 clients. Together, we refilled & saved nearly 700 000 single-use water bottles from being used, disposed of or lost to environment. Thanks to O'land's dedication to base our progress on impact, all our water stations come with near-real time GPS antenna's that track water consumption using Badger's Eye on Water application. We then take our findings and deliver beautiful, polished impact reports to every one of. our clients - so they can show this to their event sponsors, attendees, and internally serve as real data to back their commitments of SDG targets or their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Below are a few of my favorite highlights of the summer.

  • Festival Eureka touched my heart - seeing thousands of young students spend 2 days at Parc Jean Drapeau, learning about the importance of science and technology. It was definitely the only festival that almost every kid I spoke to, had brought their reusable water bottle and had said they used O'land station for a water refill.

  • Quartier des Spectacles was as vibrant and beautiful as ever- proudly serving as the main points of water refill on site of this updated venue in the heart of the city with 6 stations! They hosted over 40 events, some of which we know we served like the obvious Montreal International Jazz Fest, sponsored by Rio Tinto. As for other events, we keep learning about each day, as smaller events learned about us when they arrived on site - wishing they had even more units to fill their space for their needs! Another of my favorite memories, was watching the coolest 3 on 3 International Basketball Event hosted by FIBA. The energy of the crowd and the free games for kids made me want to stay there all day watching people enjoy drinking free, filtered water.

  • Evenko's trifecta of festivals were so much fun. We had the chance to bring in our O'land team to witness the beauty of this event production. The 4 beautifully sponsored O'land water stations sponsored by National Bank this year at Osheaga were used by over 2/3 of the crowd! The branding was spot on - MUSIC NOT PLASTIC. Evenko took the winner spot for the most number of refills in our 1M Refill Challenge, with just over 300 000 water bottles refilled & saved across 3 weekends.

  • Our newest partners at the iconic Olympic Park were so busy this year, and we got to witness our custom water stations (a hand washing unit and drinking unit with special umbrella's and signage) on the beautiful Esplanade .We were there from start to finish - kicking off the outdoor season with Metro Metro, and ending it with Fuego Fuego in August. We are hoping to be accessible. indoors this amazing space during the winter months, as they continue to host sporting and expos.

You can enjoy a quick overview video recap of the 1M Refill Challenge. As we have not yet hit our 1M goal, we are continuing to promote this among our partners and new clients! We also cannot wait to show you what's in store for next season as O'land scales its capacity and innovation - making our client's needs heard and constantly improving for a larger impact !

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