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A 2022 Year in review, and what is coming in 2023

2022 was a year for many things. We grew as a team, learned from our customers, and developed a new station, with the same distinctive features, but now in 2023 we will be offering a digital screen station for unique marketing benefits such a revenue from number of views for our clients and more messaging opportunities.

As a planet, it was a huge year positive action towards our mission:


  • COP15 held in Montreal made major promises for greater environmental protection for both land and ocean environments;

  • City-level bans can also make a difference, 2 of California's largest cities, Los Angeles and San Diego, just banned styrofoam & other major single-use items:

Looking Inward

Oh what a year it has been. A transformative one for us, from zero to hero feelings. Growing pains, strong team bonds made, and over 700 000 bottles refilled in our high season- during our 1M Refill Challenge. Oh and finally the best for last, another beautiful tiny seed was planted - a mini O’land additional member will be appearing in summer 2023.

We still believers in change makers like you. Join us.

As this is one of our company core values, we know that shifting away from regular habits is often the most difficult - such as using and simply recycling your bottled water But we believe in the community of people out there, like you are trying to go beyond this, to find a more effective and sustainable way for us to live such as reuse and refill behaviors. We believe in you. Thank you for being a O'land believer and if you are not yet one, please join us in 2023. Click here to learn more about our impact-driven water refill stations.

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