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Canada is moving toward a ban on single-use plastic.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

What can we expect from this decision on a timeline?

Saying that single-use plastics will sink us is old news. Socio-environmentalists are warning us that a paradigm shift in how we deal with plastics is crucial for maintaining life and the future of planet Earth.

Although the forecasts are not optimistic, the hope of changing the course of this ominous expectation continues to motivate and move us. O'land Station provides highly efficient services, to sustainable events, with drinking water stations. This simple action can drastically minimize the production of single-use plastics.

Everybody already owns water bottles and cups that can be refilled with water. We have the technology to access drinking water anywhere, even for large audiences. It is more than clear that we no longer need disposable plastic bottles.

But although this action in the private sector is essential, we know that it is necessary for the governmental sphere takes the lead. Fortunately, the Canadian government has already positioned itself on the side of social-ecological consciousness.

In December 2021, Environment and Climate Change Canada reported that it is taking steps to ban certain single-use plastics that are proven harmful to the nation by the end of 2022. Estimates by the ministry indicate that this measure will be able to prevent 23,000 tonnes of plastic waste from being dumped into nature over a 10-year period. The action has the support of the Canadian population, who are speaking out for changes.

These changes require extensive planning, and the companies that produce the most plastic waste will oppose them. Legal battles can drag out the process of consolidating these laws. Some municipalities have tried to ban disposable packaging but faced resistance from private companies that managed to block the regulations.

However, when the federal government gets involved in this fight, the situation gets higher proportions, and it becomes much more difficult for the law not to be consolidated. Expectations on this matter are optimistic.

We are happy to know that an entity with as much power as a federal government is taking the lead in fighting for a more sustainable world. However, we don't have to wait until single-use plastics are banned by law to avoid using them.

Every company and event that decides to make water stations available to its public is taking part in building a better world and changing society's mindset. We all can and must do our part.

O'land Stations is looking forward to consolidating the single-use plastics ban because this is the world we believe in. We have a big part to play since the federal ban has not yet listed single-use plastic water bottles are on their priority items to ban.

Therefore, we have lots of work to do and must demonstrate to the government how much waste can be eliminated if this item was included. By installing many drinking water fountains, O'land is doing our part for now.

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