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How to choose the right drinking water fountain for your home, school or office?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you choose the right drinking water foutain for your space!

Drinking fountains for fresh water

For many, drinking fountains may be the only place to get a refreshing glass of water. But for others they can seem like an unappealing and mundane option in comparison with soda machines or sugar-filled drinks from elsewhere - even if those other choices are contributing significantly more than just convenience when it comes down to obesity rates but that’s another topic.

Water fountains are important but…

Providing fresh, clean drinking water is a meaningful obligation- in Quebec it's actually a legal obligation for public spaces. Therefore, water fountains are important.

However, there are situations and settings where the availability of fountains may not always be desired or appropriate because they could potentially lead to contamination concerns.

For this obvious reason, some people and organizations prefer bottled beverages but these beverages are less healthy, not necessarily safer than tap water and generate a lot of plastic waste and carbon emissions.

A great solution for your water fountain needs

If your venue, school, company, conference center or any other organization wants to make a statement about health and healthy hydration, a touchless water station is the solution.

How does a touchless water station work?

A touchless water station is easy to use. In fact, it's easier and safer than the old generation of drinking water fountains. Here's how it works:

  • Step 1- You just need to bring your bottle with you. Open it up!

  • Step 2- Push the bottle against the manual lever and when you release the force, it stops pouring.

  • Step 3- Remove your bottle. This makes our water station water efficient (compared to old generation drinking water fountains) and prevents any touching of the unit. Your hand remains on your bottle and that's it!

Drinking water and washing your hands with the same water station

If you want to wash your hands using O'land Wash Stations, you can also do it safely via touchless. Use the sensor-operated soap dispenser first, then using your foot to activate the tap, step on the foot pedal until you no longer need water to wash and rinse your hands.

Why are O'land Stations passionate about touchless water stations?

Rachel Labbe-Bellas, the Founder is a marine biologist and she witnessed many of the problems related to plastic waste in our oceans. She thus began this mission to make an impact by reducing plastic waste caused by single-use plastic bottles -the first way is through innovating structures of ways to dispense water. Touchless water stations are the magic ingredients to fulfill this vision of the world with less single-use plastic waste!

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