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Reduce & Re-use VS Recycle

Updated: Mar 17

How many times do you hold up a single-use plastic bottle to try to understand if it's recyclable? You try to read the number and even if you can read it, you are still totally confused if it can be put in the blue bin. Or, how many times are you out in the city and want to put that bottle in a bin, to realize that there is no place to actually recycle it. So you end up, just putting it in the garbage bin, feeling guilty, like it is your fault. This is the current reality of the limited ability of our system in place. To make it simple for you, we cannot recycle our way out of the global plastic pollution crisis. Simply because of limited infrastructures available, and because it's down right confusing. Globally to date, we have only recycled about 10% of all plastic ever produced.

Time for a new way of life, time for a new dialogue. The 3R's were not created for nothing. Before recycling, comes 2 steps we have given little attention to. Reduce and Reuse. Luckily the world has mobilized a bit more, organizations all over the world are coming together across non-profit, government and even corporate sectors to reduce the use of single-use plastic where it can be avoided and, when possible, implement a reusable product instead to stop driving the need to produce more single-use plastic items. Reducing the use of single-use plastic in the first place is the most effective way to stopping the global plastic waste crisis. Org's like BreakFreeFromPlastic, UPSTREAM, Plastic Pollution Coalition and 5 Gyres are doing great things to get this message out to society. Reusing, even if the item is made of plastic, is the next best solution. So join us in riding the new wave to promoting more reduce and reuse economies, and leave recycling for the very last option to prevent from furthing feeding the beast of the tired giant. Check out this awesome short-film called Plastic Wars on CBC Gem.

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