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Touchless Water Stations to prevent viral transmissions in the age of a Global Pandemic

Through practical and innovative solutions, you'd like to make your event the best possible experience for your partners, audiences, and you.

With the summer season approaching, it’s important to figure out how to keep water safe to drink in gatherings. Fortunately, recent technological advancements in drinking fountains have created touchless drinking fountains that can provide you with a lifetime of healthy hydration without coming into contact with potentially dangerous bacteria from other people’s hands.

Let's look at the potential issues of sharing water fountains and the possible risks of contamination.

It's understandable why you might be concerned about shared drinking fountains, especially in light of our global pandemic. In fact, the World Health Organisation lists contact as the primary way of contracting the virus. The use of hand sanitizers, face protectors and touch-free operation allows users to enjoy essential facilities without unnecessary exposure.

It's only logical that you'd want to reduce your risk by using a touchless drinking fountain. So O'land is here to provide you this while still creating safe, multi-user water refill stations such as our touchless drinking fountains and handwashing stations.!

But what are touchless drinking fountains?

While regular drinking fountains are often shared by many people, a touchless drinking fountain does not require that you physically touch it to dispense water. This is especially important with the pandemic, but also just convenient if you’re in a hurry, our O'land Station can fill your bottle in 5 seconds.

Also, both O'land water stations (Bottle Fill & Wash) have separation panels between taps, helping you keep safe distance protocols in place for up to 6 users at a time.

5 reasons to choose a touchless fountain water

The 5 biggest benefits of using our touchless water station include:

  1. Touch prevention *you only contact your bottle and push the lever. For our handwashing, you just use the sensor-operated soap dispenser.

  2. Control water overflow and volume dispensed

  3. Track how many plastic bottles you saved, whether it be water bottles or soap & hand sanitizer bottles.

  4. Hygiene Safety (see above for more details).

  5. Speed (no slow drip, rapid water dispensing with good flow)

Most obviously and tangibly, touch prevention can have an effect on water safety in public or private spaces - there is no hand contact during use, reducing risk that hands may be contaminated before they come into contact with food or drink.

Those were just some of our top reasons to choose our touchless water fountains for your next event! Which one's your favorite? Let us know at @olandstations!

Where can I find a touchless fountain near me?

Fortunately, touchless fountains are becoming more and more common; with a little bit of planning ahead, you can find one easily these days. If you are residing in Montreal, Canada, you can check our public bottle fill and hand washing stations at the Montreal Olympic Stadium or also in the Theatre District (Quartier des Spectacles de Montreal).

Why are O'Land Stations passionate about touchless water stations?

Rachel Labbe-Bellas, the Founder is a marine biologist and she witnessed many of the problems related to plastic waste in our oceans. She thus began this mission to make an impact by reducing plastic waste caused by single-use plastic bottles -the first way is by designing attractive & innovative structures to dispense water rapidly, safely, and with quality visuals and impact. Touchless water stations are the magic ingredients to fulfill this vision of the world with less single-use plastic waste!

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