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What My Expeditions Has Taught Me

Updated: Mar 17

My personal journey of joining the plastic movement started with a sailing voyage, 200 nautical miles away from any coastline, in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. I loved the ocean and water already as a kid, being a swimmer, a lifeguard, and then pursuing my education in Marine Ecology. But it took me this voyage to make the unseen seen. It's like when it rains and you notice the worms on the street, and once you see one, you can see them all. This is what eXXpedition Amazon taught me.

Together with 14 women from around the world, with all different backgrounds and experiences, we learned that plastics are found in the most remote places of the sea, as far away from human activity, and also toxic to our bodies. As women, we have it even worse since this toxicity we absorb from years of bio-accumulation to our exposure to plastics and its associated chemicals, ends up leaving our systems at the time that we give birth to our children. How terrifying is that. We cannot do anything about it, birth is the best way to detox your own body, but you have to give it all to your child. This information light a fire under me, so strong that I came home back to California, quite enraged and disturbed. One morning, I awoke and envisoned a physical structure that would serve to help us transition out of our bad habits of constantly using single-use plastics, especially while we are out of our homes and on the-go. This was the birth of O'land Stations.

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