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fill stations have two looks

Water station

Revolutionary water refilling designed in Canada. Our stations are fast (​fill a bottle in 5 seconds), offer a safe user experience, filtered drinking, high visibility for digital custom branding & environmental impact reporting for your green objectives or CSR goals.

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What is the difference?

O’land branding (included in both our standard and digital water stations) Enjoy our fresh O’land look with informative & bilingual messaging

Custom branding on Standard (request your custom look using static print branding)

Digital branding on Digital Screen  (set up your custom digital messaging our Digital Screen water station)

Our water stations are ideal for you 

Get on a plastic-free train with us for any indoor space with a potable drinking water access.

If you are looking to provide water safely and quickly to your festival lovers, while reducing waste production and costs, you need an O'land Station.

Ensure rapid access to safe and clean potable drinking water. Stations designed with durability for long-term and heavy-duty outdoor  use.

How would you feel about your city being cleaner and reducing clean-up costs?

Save money, time and the environment with our water stations.

Indoor Spaces
Environmentally friendly water
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Large Crowds

 Fast, touchless refill,
360-degree access, reduced line-ups

Eco Impact

Reporting post-event on plastic & waste savings. Attain your CSR objectives

Easy install

With our quick connect water outlets

High-impact marketing

 360-degree visibility with >50% viewership

Delivered Assembled 

Just plug and play!

Responsible Mkt

Know the number of single-use plastic bottles saved and other information in your impact report.

Enjoy refill anywhere you want

You just need access to a potable drinking water source.
It is possible to make money with a healthy planet.

Learn more about O'land Station advantages today

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