Fill Station

Fast and safe user experience. Filtered water.

Fill a bottle in 5 seconds. 

Know the impact you have made on the environment. 


Wash Station

The most safety and environmental friendly.
360 degrees acess up to 6 users.

Plug and Play connection.

Available for purchase & leasing, and rent*
*limited quantities available for rent
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It is possible to make money with a healthy planet.
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We serve

Going on a plastic-free trail with us will take your company to a new level of Corporate Social Responsibility.

If you are looking to provide water safely and quickly to your festival lovers, while reducing waste production and costs, you need an O'land Station.

Ensure rapid access to safe and clean potable drinking water or places to wash your hands. Stations designed with durability for long-term and heavy-duty outdoor and indoor use.

How would you feel about your city being cleaner and reducing garbage costs?

Save money, time and the environment with our stations.

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