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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our stations. 
See also the product page for more details. 


Responsibility for water quality?

If the station is connected to a fire hydrant = city responsibility
If the station is connected to a building (outside tap = responsibility of the building)



The station is delivered assembled and ready to use. Need a forklift to unload the conveyor. 


What are possible customizations options?

360 branding opportunity. Client can customize the unit on the metal panels (top and bottom), and also on the screens (only available on Digital Screen Station)



Standard Stations = not required.
Digital Stations = required,
standard 120V plugin.


Handwashing and taps in the same station?

we have had a request to do this for a client, and it is possible to mix 2 in 1.


How do we calculate how many bottles are "saved"?

We use the Eye On Water app, which calculates almost in real-time, the number of liters of water consumed.


Water is supplied with a local water source - no tank inside.

We don’t waste energy refilling a reserve tank. You send your waste water hose to a nearby drain site and use your potable drinking hose to connect to your available water source. All our stations have a charcoal water filter inside.


Durability of product

Outdoor and Indoor friendly, weather resistant to rust and outdoor elements


Do you Have Any Questions?

If you need our help, have questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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