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Smarter water solutions for healthier spaces

Whether you are searching for event water solutions that are extremely effective in meeting the needs of large crowds, or looking for a durable heavy-duty outdoor unit that can endure the hot sun or heavy rains across while hydrating visitors of National Parks, our O’land Fill & Wash stations bring it.

We exist in order to serve as the alternative to generating single-use plastic waste. By offering our water refill station, we can make a big dent in reducing waste that is often generated at large events, or lost in the environment from overflowing trash or recycling bins.

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Did you know that even before a plastic water bottle becomes wasted to the environment or sent to recycling or trash, that the impact of creating them is 1500-3500X times higher than the impacts of drinking tap water? You can read about it here from this recent city-wide study in Barcelona, Spain.

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