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Reducing plastic waste a the prestigious RBC Men's Canadian Open Golf Tournament

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

With great joy, O'land Stations wants to highlight its partnership with one of Canada's most esteemed sporting events, the RBC Men's Canadian Open, in collaboration with the National Sports Federation for Golf in Canada. This collaboration is driven by a shared commitment to fostering sustainability and eco-friendliness within golf events. Among the key focuses of this mission is the reduction of single-use plastics, complemented by efforts to curb CO2 emissions.

people refilling their water bottles at RBC Canadian Open
Water Stations at RBC Canadian Open

The event, which took place between the 8th and 11th of June, at the Oakdale Golf & Country Club in Toronto, brought together thousands of people to prestige the best golf athletes in the world. And to the delight of Canadians, golfer Nick Taylor was crowned champion, bringing the trophy home after 69 years without a Canadian winner.

Nick Taylor at RBC Canadian Open

Sporting events have the power to unite crowds, igniting passion and creating moments of joy and camaraderie among fans. However, large gatherings such as these also generate significant environmental impacts, including some unfortunate drawbacks.

The waste generated and carbon footprint associated with international competitions, which attract thousands of attendees, exact a substantial toll on the planet and event organizers. This necessitates strategic planning for resource management, achieved through partnerships and collective endeavors for the greater good.

In collaboration with Green Ninja Events, the RBC Canadian Open aspires to lead in sustainability and earn the prestigious "GEO Certified" title. In pursuit of this objective, quantifiable targets have been set to reduce CO2 emissions. Initiatives like promoting public transportation and communal bicycles have been implemented to minimize the reliance on fossil fuels for athlete and spectator transportation.

The installation of drinking water fountains like the ones offered by O’land Stations is another noteworthy initiative. Encouraging the use of refillable bottles effectively reduces waste stemming from single-use plastic bottles and disposable cups, virtually eliminating it.

Additionally, Green Events Ninja provides support to divert waste from landfills, employing waste management methods and ensuring recyclable materials are sent to appropriate facilities. By preventing plastic from polluting the environment, with its intricate decomposition process and toxic micro-particles that permeate various ecosystems, these measures contribute significantly to preserving life on Earth.

The production of sustainable events is not only attainable but also urgent and essential. Event after event, the remarkable efforts of companies like O'land Station and organizations like Green Ninja Events consistently yield fruitful results, as the statistics demonstrate.

O'land's drinking water refill stations played a crucial role in serving the crowd at the RBC Canadian Open. Through the installation of just four stations, a significant impact was made by preventing the use and disposal of single-use plastic bottles and providing liters of water to keep the public properly hydrated. This initiative also resulted in the avoidance of CO2 plastic equivalent emissions, making a valuable contribution towards reducing environmental impacts that have been causing critical climate changes, affecting diverse habitats worldwide.

The pursuit of sustainability is a collaborative endeavor, requiring the collective efforts of numerous individuals. It requires proactive engagement from event organizers, conscious participation from attendees, and resource management guided by intelligence. O'land Stations retains unwavering confidence in the profound significance of our work, aiming to establish a positive legacy for generations to come. As we recognize that the future is shaped by present actions, we are steadfast in our commitment to initiate the change needed today.

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